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General Construction Company WLL

Supply & Installation of Electromagnetic Flowmeters for Existing/Bulk Connections

Client: Al Ain Dhabi Distribution Co.(AADC)
Contract Period: 11.02.13 - Ongoing
Contract Value: 24,981,680.00
Scope of Work:
Supply and Installation of new MDPE water pipeline connections to provide water for approximately 1000 houses/ service connections of ½” to 2” dia, from existing DI and HDPE pipelines, including supply/installation of 200 Nos. new electronic water meters ½” to 2” dia with all civil works; Refurbishment of existing deteriorated pipes for 200 Nos. house/service connections ½” to 2” dia, and supply and installation of electromagnetic water meters for 29 bulk connections; and testing and commissioning of the complete pipeline system.