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Water Scheme from Tawain Roundabout to Bureirat Tank Farm Area in Ras Al Khaimah

Client: Abu Dhabi Transmission and Despatch Co.(Transco)
Consultant: Tebodin ME
Contract Period: 23.02.10 – 20.01.13
Contract Value: 152,378,835.00
Scope of Work:
Supply and construction of approximately 36KM of DN800mm D.I. water transmission main from Tawain roundabout up to Bureirat tank farm including ARV, Washouts, Isolating valves, Flow Control Valves, Flow meters and associated civil and earth works; complete topographical, geotechnical and soil resistivity investigations; construction of pipelines under existing roads, oil/gas pipelines etc; construction of pipelines at WADI crossings; Tie-in connection to the existing 5 Nos. tanks at Bureirat Tank Farm; Tie-in connection to the existing DN800 CS pipeline at Tawain roundabout; construct NDRC under existing roads; Provision of Flow Control Valves at Burairat Tank Farm; with all associated; all civil, electrical, instrumentation and SCADA works; and testing and commissioning of the complete pipeline system, electrical, instrumentation and control systems, fibre optic cables.