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Water Supply and Storage Facility for Lulu Island

Client: Water & Electricity Department Abu Dhabi
Consultant: Pencol International
Contract Period: 06.03.97 - 31.3.00
Contract Value: 65,098,546.00
Scope of Work:
Construction of 2 Nos. 3.5 million gallon capacity each R.C.Water Reservoirs; Connection of the existing Pumping Station to Unit 1 pipeline; Supply & installation of approximately 4.5KM of 800mm dia DI pipeline between Abu Dhabi pumping station and Free port area including all valves, washouts & chambers; Construction of twin 800mm dia steel pipeline in directionally drilled channel crossing between the Free Port area and Lulu Island and construction of isolating valve chambers at either side of channel crossing; Construction of a pumping station, chlorination building & Gate house; Supply & installation of all interconnecting pipework from the marine channel crossing to the reservoirs & pump station; Supply, installation & commissioning of compl.electromechanical works 4 pumps & station pipework, transformers, switchgears, surge suppression equipment, instruments & PLC based Control System with video display; Standby generator; Chlorine system; Cabling, air conditioning and outdoor lighting Fire fighting and Fire alarm system for buildings; and Communication System.